Pork Loin recipe is very easy to prepare and results in a juicy, tender and very…

Pork Loin recipe is very easy to prepare and results in a juicy, tender and very flavorful meal. The meat is cooked to perfection and seasoned with garlic and some brown sugar. #porkrecipes #porktenderloin #porkloin

Italy food culture
Italian cuisine, one of the richest cuisines in the world, varies considerably by region. While fish, potato, rice, corn, pork and cheese varieties are the most used materials in the north of the country, in Liguria, which is called the Italian Riviera, basil, walnut and olive oil come to the fore with fish and seafood varieties. Food in Italy is not only eaten to be full. Food is also a very important socializing tool.

Cheese and wine are among the important elements of Italian cuisine. Coffee (especially espresso) occupies an important place in Italian cuisine.

The best known food of Italian cuisine is pasta. They take different names according to their shapes and the materials placed in them. There are hundreds of pasta types in Italy. However, of course, Italian cuisine is not just these foods.

So what are the most prominent foods in Italian cuisine?

1. Pizza
It is the most delicious and known food of Italian cuisine. It is not in vain that pizza is called a “”better than Lamborghini and Ferrari”” invention. The ingredients it contains are simple, easy to make, and delicious.

2. Spaghetti
Spaghetti is the most essential element of Italian cuisine. Italy; It has hundreds of spaghetti varieties, depending on the way it is made, the material used and the type of pasta. So you never get bored of eating spaghetti. That’s why Italians never give up spaghetti.

3. Lasagna
Lasagna is a perfect combination of pasta, meat and bechamel sauce. Just like when you eat tantuni, you order the second one right away, so is Lasagna. While eating Lasagna, which is a carbohydrate store made by mixing a large number of ingredients, you should be careful to eat as much as you need. Otherwise, you may experience stomach pain.

4. Tortellini
Tortellini, filled with cheese or ground beef, is easy to prepare and serve, and the pasta with the highest flavor. It is very simple to prepare. Sour sauce or tomato sauce is added to the boiled Tortellini. Permesan cheese is the sine qua non of Tortellini. Its taste is great.

5. Tiramisu
It is made with tiramisu, coffee, biscuits and a special cream cheese called Mascarpone. It is very easy to prepare and to eat. Unless you overdo it, you have a soft and delicious cake.

6. Panna Cotta
It is one of the most delicious desserts of the Italians. A thick layer of cream is made with the mixture of egg yolk and honey. It is cooked in the oven at low temperature. Panna cotta Italians call it “”cooked cream””. It really is. A well-made Panna Cotta resembles a baked cream. It is a dessert that needs to be set very carefully in the oven’s heat and cooking time.

7. Panini
Italians are masters in sandwiches and there are many types of sandwiches. One of them is Panini. It is cooked on the grill and its two main ingredients are tomato and lettuce. The rest is up to one’s taste. Ham, pesto sauce etc. additions can be made.

8. Chicken Parmigiana
Italians have discovered the wonderful harmony of chicken breast and grated permesan cheese. This oven-baked dish offers a good taste for meat lovers. There are also varieties in the form of veal or chop.

9. Bruschetti
The preparation of the Italians is the easiest food. It is made in toast. Made with tomatoes, basil and ham. In fact, there is no restriction on material. You can put anything you want to put in it.

10. Osso Buco
It is an Italian dish made from beef pearl. After the fatty and flour-filled pieces of flour are fried, other side materials are obtained by cooking with onions, garlic, carrots, celery, bay leaf in the oven. It is served by pouring tomato sauce on it.

11. Minestrone
Consisting of zucchini, spinach, onion, carrot, rice, potato and beans, the vitamin store is an Italian soup. A sauce consisting of a mixture of basil, garlic and olive oil is also added to the soup.”

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